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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine


Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

SGXM - 2200 x3 three-tier co-extrusion composite film production line by two SJ60X30, 1 SJ70 extruder, die, the wind ring, cooling system, 2200 traction and winding auxiliary machinery, electric control system composition, the machine performance is as follows:

A, co-extrusion die flow computer optimization design to adapt to a variety of co-extrusion composite materials

B, mouth mould plug-in replacement, adapt to various specifications thin film

C, reciprocating rotation traction on the level of plus or minus 360 degrees, the winding formation

D, the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble

E, the range of the material: LDPEHDPELLDPEMLLDPEEVA/metallocene and their mixture

Part 1, the host (extruder)

2 SJ60X30 extrusion machine (inner and outer) is placed 1 SJ70X30 (placed in the middle)

The screw diameter: 60 mm and 70 mm

Length to diameter ratio, spake (120).

The screw rotation speed: 120 RPM (120) 120 RPM (120).

Extruder production capacity: SJ60X30 extruder, 160 kg/h (LDPE);

SJ70X30 extruder, 300 kg/h (LDPE)

Drive motor power: SJ60X30 extruder, 37 kw ac motor

SJ70X30 extruder, 45 kw ac motor

2, the mold,

Mouth mold diameter: 450 mm

Part 3, the wind ring

The wind ring, double draught cooling air ring.The wind ring power: 7.5 kw

4, inner cooling system: cooling device within the IBC

5, traction, automatic winding

Traction motor power: 2.2 kw

The traction speed: 0-65 - m/min

11 m traction height:

Correction system: EPS

Cutting way: fly knife cutting

High dimension (width) 10.5 mX7.25 mX11m

Blown film machineMust be in accordance with the provisions, temperature, preheat time, start must check whether reached set value, the preheating time or temperature found enough, can't boot up.Equipment operation, it is forbidden to hand or body on rotating parts and mechanical transmission parts, shall not open the protection device.After being normal tube membrane stability, open membrane rotate button to make the die head rotation, it is forbidden to die head temperature have not reached set value when they open.

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