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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine


Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

Rotary film traction machine SGXM-1600X3 three layer on (cold rolling automatically) production line, by 1 SJ60X30 (SJ60X30) extrusion machine, 2 sets of SJ50X30 (SJ50X30) IBC extruder, die head, cooling system, rotary traction system, automatic film cutting harvesting rolling system, computer control system. Overall performance is as follows:

A, automatic film cutting, check volume unloading, Rodless cylinder

B, on the level of traction and positive and negative 360 degrees of reciprocating rotation, ultrasonic sensor detection and correction, the formation of the volume;

C, IBC film bubble internal cooling system, gas exchange, air signal detection, automatic add new air conditioning, touch screen animation display operation;

D, die channel computer optimization design, surface mirror polishing, electrolytic hard chrome plating, to adapt to a variety of raw materials and composite coextrusion;

E, adaptation of raw materials: LDPEHDPELDPEMIIDPEEVA Mao metal and mix.

    Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine using the new production line with high efficiency and low energy consumption extrusion unit, IBC internal bubble cooling system, rotation traction system + 360 degrees horizontal, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic tension control and roll film, advanced technology and automatic control system of computer screen. Compared with the same equipment, with the advantages of higher output, better products, low energy consumption and simple operation, it completely solves the problem of the size of the thin film, the size of the top of the film, so that the product quality is a new level. Production of the film with high transparency, high toughness, resistance to puncture, composite fastness, low temperature, good, anti - curling.

    Three layer coextrusion film blowing machine manufacturers to introduce advanced technology from abroad, specializing in the production of double film blowing machine, single layer three layer coextrusion film blowing machine, film blowing machine, film blowing machine. Three bags of products, responsible for the safety of debugging, Daipei operators, welcome customers to negotiate

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

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