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A brief analysis of the causes of plastic blowing machine failure

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A brief analysis of the causes of plastic blowing machine failure

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A brief analysis of the causes of plastic blowing machine failure

Cause of wrinkle failure of thin film: the thickness of film is not uniform; Insufficient cooling effect; The swelling ratio is too large, causing the membrane bubble to be unstable, and the left and right oscillate, prone to wrinkle. The Angle of the clamping plate is too big, the membrane bubble is crushed in the short distance, so the film is easy to wrinkle. The pressure on both sides of the traction roller is inconsistent, while the side is high and low; The axis of the guide roller is not parallel, which affects the stability and the stability of the film.

The solution of plastic blowing machine in dalian is to adjust the thickness of the film to ensure uniform thickness. Improve the cooling effect to ensure the film can be cooled sufficiently; Reduce swelling ratio properly; To reduce the Angle of the sandwich plate properly; Adjust the pressure of the traction roll to ensure that the film is evenly distributed. Check the axes of each guide axis and parallel them to each other

The film made of film blowing machine is good for its barrier properties, fresh, moisture resistant, frost proof, oxygen resistant, oil resistant, widely used in weight packaging. It is widely used in such fields as fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage and medical supplies. In order to facilitate the film blowing film and the normal blowing film, the temperature of the film blowing machine requires the optimal temperature, how the temperature will be controlled.

Meet all kinds of products on the market of packaging, blown film machine machinery manufacturing industry produce of new type of blown film machine with flake blown film machine, bubble film PE blown film machine, multi-layer composite blown film machine, striped blown film machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, and so on. High-end blown film quality won the favor of high-end packaging. And the film blowing machine is one of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry, when the soft packing gradually becomes the main character of food packaging materials.

Check the temperature control well, the heating appliance is in good condition, and the temperature of each point of the plastic blowing machine can be adjusted in time. Check the traction speed and control the film thickness. Check the air storage cylinder pressure of plastic blowing machine. It cannot be too high, but there should be backup pressure.

Plastic film blowing machine

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