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Plastic film blowing machine use safety should not be ignored

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Plastic film blowing machine use safety should not be ignored

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Plastic film blowing machine use safety should not be ignored

Plastic film blowing machine use

1, you must check each operation starting power supply wiring whether there is a disconnect, leakage; Check instrument damage is not normal. To ensure the safety of the parts first before starting the normal, lest affect production and cause an accident.

2, film forming conditions, scope, improve the forming temperature, cooling air temperature and blowing ratio; Increasing the film turbidity and glossiness; Vice to improve.

3, check and add good reducer, the lubrication oil in the compressor, check the lubrication of mechanical transmission parts. Avoid dry operation damage the machine and noises.

4, die discharging uniform, can wear gloves slowly lift pipe, pipe end will be closed at the same time, the micro into gas regulator, from central hole of the plug in a small amount of compressed air, and then carefully stiff foam frame, plates, and wear into the traction roller, guide roller and coiling

5, the operation of the machine operator can not stand in front, lest appear accidental injury and operating personnel. When blown film machine feed fight with metal impurities in raw material and operating small tools such as damage to the hard object fall into the barrel of the machine. No gloves when operating rotating machine, in case involved in injury.

6 of the pipe, blowing compressed air pressure to appropriate, cannot make the pipe burst, and to guarantee the stability of membrane tube symmetry, relative to guarantee the quality of production.

Plastic film blowing machine

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