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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine in plastic industry

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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine in plastic industry

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Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine in plastic industry

Three layer three layer coextrusion blown thin film blowing machine production line using a new type of high efficiency and low energy consumption extrusion unit, IBC internal bubble cooling system, rotation traction system + 360 degrees horizontal, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic tension control and roll film, advanced technology and automatic control system of computer screen.

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine occupies important status in the industry in the plastics industry. Now the domestic existing film blow molding machine manufacturers are mostly not adapted to the market demand and the need to improve the technology to produce the market film blowing machine.

(a) can produce high performance film blowing machine. (such as high performance barrier film, high performance nylon film, high performance medical film and high performance composite film etc.).

This will improve the product quality, improve the technological transformation of film blowing machine, improve the performance of the equipment, is an urgent task, but also our blow molding machine manufacturer, is also the path of our survival and development of the.

(two) the production of environmental protection film blowing machine, (such as water soluble film, starch film, photodegradation membrane, biodegradable film, etc.).

(three) diffusion and application of planar and conical die stacking.

(four) heavy packaging film blowing machine for producing multilayer coextrusion.

(five) 5 or more of the production of more than 5 layers coextrusion film blowing machine.

(six) to improve the screw, to adapt to the performance of a new plastic raw materials, improve the capacity of plastic, increase production, reduce energy consumption, save energy.

                                                      Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

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